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New – CastelBarry Artisanal Co-op.


We are proud to introduce our exciting new partner ! 

At Murielle Claudel wines, we have been building a complete portfolio of premium wines, the majority of them produced in the south of France. Despite the comprehensive depth and range of our offering, one important Languedoc appellation was lacking—until now.

We’re pleased to welcome CastelBarry, an artisanal co-operative located in the village of Montpeyroux.

Montpeyroux is not only an established appellation within the Languedoc AOC, it also lies within the newer, quality appellation of Terrasses du Larzac.

CastelBarry artisanal Co-op.

As Andrew Jefford says in the Decanter September release:

« Co-operatives are such a familiar part of the wine landscape, particularly in Europe, that we tend to forget what extraordinary hybrids they are: not just commercial entitities with a social dimension, but collections of individual entrepreneurs who have agreed to pool resources and efface individuality for the common good.

Nowadays, these mixed roles prove challenging: institutions of vital social significance in their villages often struggle to make commercial headway, not least because pride and ambition are diluted in the muddy waters of the communal bath. »

Brief presentation

The original co-operative dates back to the early 20th century, the first 75 members to join the Coop made their decision in 1951.
Today – 60 years later – the Co-op is a key player in the Languedoc Roussillon, an economical value for many years to come, a thriving business with 110 members, 30% of them making out their own living with their production.
A true economic lung for the village, with grapes grown over 510 hectares (1290 acres) of vineyards, 90% of which are classified AOP Languedoc « Montpeyroux ».

The average production is 25,000 hectolitres (488,000 UK gallons), 15,000 litres (330,000 UK gallons) of which is AOP.

Most of the wine is vinified in small vats. In addition, there are two facilities for housing the oak barrels.

The range:

AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux

AOP Terrasses du Larzac

AOP Languedoc

IGP Saint Guilhem

The whole production is  sustainably farmed certified  and Terra Vitis certified.

Note :  The Cuvée « A tête reposée » has no added sulfites.


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